How to Wear Statement earrings

Statement earrings are big and beautiful and draw attention to the head and face. So the first thing is to be confident about wearing them, they absolutely WILL be the first thing that anyone will notice.

It is essential to choose a pair of earrings that frame your face and suit the length of your neck.  For instance, an earring that is elongated will lengthen and flatter your face. They look amazing with straight hair pulled back into a sleek pony, chic chignon, or balanced with hair that is not too big.

Remember to keep your other jewellery simple as well as your makeup and outfit.

Hoops have made a major come back and can be worn in so many ways. For instance oversized hoop earrings with red lips = cool trendy look for day or night, just be sure to keep your outfit simple, ie. denim, white shirt, Rhianna totally rocks this look!

On the other extreme, a small hoop is very discreet yet stylish. These timeless styles will always be in fashion and can be worn with more complex and detailed outfits. Bring the size up to a medium and you have a sophisticated, clean and chic look that you can style for day or night.

Just remember though you can wear whatever you want if it makes you feel beautiful. Confidence is the number one fashion essential and feeling beautiful is about wearing what you love and loving what you wear.

One last word on earrings. Andrea Estelle earrings are all under 7 grams. Anything over 10 grams will be uncomfortable to wear and pull at your lobes. I recently saw a lady on a popular TV show who's ear lobes were being stretched from beautiful but heavy earrings.  

Unfortunately wearability doesn't seem to be a consideration for a lot of resellers and for the mass market alike... Choose well, buy less xoxo