One of the most important elements of Andrea Estelle's business model has always been to reuse, repurpose, melt and refine old and broken jewellery to be used again in new jewellery. We also partner with metal suppliers that do the same.  
We avoid cheap base metals and plastic as we want to be part of our environments solution rather then part of the problem.

Our Commitment to the environment is to use recycled raw materials wherever possible and to limit our impact on the environment by employing sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Here's How our recycling credit program works:

Send in your unused or unwanted jewellery...It has to be real gold or real silver (i.e. not costume jewellery) so look for the hallmark on the item. 925, 999, 375, 585, 750, 916,990.

Subject to inspection, you will receive a credit note and code for real Silver and real gold jewellery based on 50% of the precious metal content. (The gold and silver prices cannot be published due to fluctuating gold and silver prices on the stock market).

Please ensure that the items you send contain a stamped hallmark of either 925 (sterling silver) 375 (9 carat gold);  795 (18 carat gold) etc. We will not accept costume, brass, copper or other mysterious metals and will only credit a percentage of the precious metal content.

Please be aware that there is A LOT of counterfeit jewellery being sold online (ebay/etsy) that is stamped as precious metal but is not. Once the metal is inspected and it is determined to be base metal or unknown then we cannot credit you for it, we will only credit precious metal and we will post it back to you or await your instructions after communication.


To be part of our commitment to recycling metals please print this form and post it with your items to us at:

Andrea Estelle Jewellery

71 Britannia Ave,

Morningside Qld 4170
QLD 4573

You will be responsible for postage and if you are unhappy with the exchange rate then we will return your old jewellery to you at your expence.