The Designer

Melbournian born, Andrea Estelle draws inspiration to create her exquisite jewellery from her love of colour, fashion, precious metal and semi-precious gemstones and crystals as well as, from her desire to be unique.  She hand makes her jewellery pieces, all as unique as each other  to complement any ensemble to any occasion.

Andrea grew up with strong sense of justice and the need to help other people and was drawn to the excitement and sense of fulfilment of a Career in Law Enforcement. During that time she attained a Bachelor of Psychology and became a Specialist in Children Victims of Crime. 

After many years of helping families and children, Andrea married her husband Steve to whom they have two gorgeous children. In 2014 Andrea after many years of creating jewellery, hats and clothing as a hobby decided to attend silversmithing classes, (a dream she had for over 20 years) and has since completed a Certificate in Engineering Jewellery.

The design aspect is Andrea's true passion, and she has a pencil and notepad at her bedside to draw the images that come to her in her sleep.


The inspiration

Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Andrea became fascinated and memorised by these beautiful objects that are produced by our earth and she has been hooked ever since.

The brand

Andrea Estelle designs uses the finest natural gemstones and natural crystals in our unique jewellery collection. We believe gemstones are a gift from nature which we enhance by our exclusive handcrafted designs. Andrea's sources gemstone from around the globe and set them in 925 sterling silver or 9 ct and 18 ct gold.

Andrea believes that it is your right to indulge yourself in an item that means something special to you and is unique to how you are feeling, what you are experiencing and what your beliefs are and what you love.