Andrea Estelle is an Australian luxury jewellery brand with a contemporary edge on classic elegance. Unique and original but always beautiful and a pleasure to wear. Andrea Estelle combines pearls, coloured gemstones and precious metals to help you express yourself in unique modern simplicity.

Andrea Estelle Designs observes the highest ethical standards and insist our business partners do the same. This extends to our precious metal and gemstone sourcing. The issue of responsible mining is an important one and deserves our attention as we believe that beauty is more than just looking good on the outside it is about being beautiful on this inside as well.

Causing or contributing to the harm of others and the environment is definitely not beautiful and therefore we work to ensure that our gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria.

Andrea Estelle Designs is a signitory of "The golden rules" and supports the No Dirty Gold campaign, the Kimberly process and conflict free diamonds.


A creative jeweller with an empathic love of nature and earth, an inherant love of quality, design and longevity, this is what motivates me to innovate jewellery and homewares that is contemporary and stands apart from the generic, whilst also ensuring our designs endure a lifetime of use.

My gemstones and crystals are handpicked for their unique qualities both physical and metaphysical and will help the wearer focus the powers that they possess.