Our vision

Andrea Estelle designs was born from a life long love of metal and stone. I have always admired the diverse colours and textures of gemstones and was always amazed at what naturally beautiful objects our earth can produce.  It is only natural for me that my love of gemstones brought me to hand make beautiful jewelry using quality gemstones and precious metals. I choose each gemstone for its beauty and combine them with other gemstones that compliment it's colour or shape.

I only make pieces that I would love to wear myself and love to mix and match colours knowing that I am not contributing the hundreds of pre loved plastic jewellery that ends up in our land fill and water ways

My silver and gold suppliers use recycled metal where they can and my scrap is always recycled for future projects.

I am located in beautiful Brisbane and sell through gift and homewares stores.  Each item is made with thought and love. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see one of my pieces worn so beautifully and so carefully paired to enhance an outfit.

My business was established in 2014 and is growing and evolving. I believe that each transaction is as personal and part of the process from the design stage, through to the manufacture and then the sale. 

    I hope that my pieces give you many years of pleasure.

    Andrea Lennard xx