Why the handmade industry is making a comeback

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Lately there has been a resurgence in the handmade industry, a traditional form of unique, creative and individual manufacturing that is as much as a passion of love as it is a source of income.

Don't get me wrong, mass produced industries that may offer little pay and poor conditions to workers still exist in a large scale, however that creative human voice is making a fierce come back and this is filtering through websites like etsy.com and made it.com.au.

The resurgence tends to be due to an inherent value in the creative spirit, the love and pride in the handmade process and the joy of wearing unique creations. I know that when I create a piece of jewellery I embrace the difference of every item, the variations in the colour, texture and shape that are inherent in a handmade item, that cannot be duplicated.

When an item is made with love and heart, that beauty comes through the handmade process and people are prepared to pay more for it, particularly knowing that there is a person behind that item that will stand behind it and help you through any problems.

I will always provided a personal service to my customers that involve cleaning, restringing and repairs and resizing....you cant get that consistency with mass produced.

If an item is not specified as handmade then it probably isn't, you may be wearing a piece that carries the energy of anger or resentment not the love and pride that comes with a handmade piece.

I know I speak for every artisan when I say that in those quiet moments when making a piece of jewellery, happy loving thoughts are transferred into the item for the wearer. 

Please help support your local handmade artisans and avoid the mass produced wherever you can. Your grand daughters will thank you for it! xoxo


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