How to meditate using crystals

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I posted a blog a little while ago in relation to the powers of crystals. I wanted to share with you, how I use crystals to meditate and why it has helped me focus and concentrate on areas of life that I feel I need to work on. 

So firstly, lets talk about the basics of meditation.  Meditation is an ancient practice that offers undeniable benefits to the practitioner. Anyone who says it has no benefit has never tried it right?!

It doesn't require any specific religious beliefs or spirituality, it just requires a quiet place, a little time, and your beautiful and powerful mind. And don't expect to get it right away, it generally takes a few goes to get the hang of it.

Why do people meditate?

It is a physical fact that Meditation will alter your mind state. It changes brain waves from beta (active) to alpha which is when both your body and your mind are relaxed. This is an added bonus of meditation, but it is not the only reason for it.

Have you ever had super creative ideas in the middle of the night or woken from a deep sleep with a new invention or idea for art or something else incredibly creative? I have... all the time and that pen and paper are never normally in reach to capture the idea..argghh.

The reason this happens is because when you sleep or meditate, your brain waves are in alpha mode and all thoughts, ideas, and inputs are coming from deep within your consciousness.

Meditating, just like sleep can help with your creative visualisation, but with the added bonus of control as you are in a altered state of consciousness and not asleep. This can help you achieve whatever it is you desire; happiness, health, relationships. You can self-talk your goals by using your affirmations as powerful programmers.

I recall the first time I really succeeded with meditation. It was about 20 years ago, in my garden. I had been meditating in front of my favourite tree and when I emerged it was like the leaves of the tree were blowing in slow motion and each leaf had an aura. It was powerful and I was blown away!!!

This is what is known as grounding, it is being able to connect with the planet and see things as they truly exist. It is awesome! and this is what meditation can allow you to do, focus externally and of course internally. (By internally I mean help you realize what you already have, live in the moment and create happiness by deriving satisfaction from your current state). 

Now I have to admit, I am no guru at meditating and I am only just learning how to use meditation to truly open my energy centres. You've heard of Chakras right? These are energy or Chi centres within each of us. They are really powerful and learning how to allow these centres to flow will create balance and good health - think of the 120 year old yogi's who can out yoga 98% of the worlds population!

So, where do Crystals fit into meditation.

First you must find the crystal that appropriate to your intentions. That is to say, each one has a different vibration and is beneficial for differing purposes. It is super important to get it right. So just be sure of your sources.

Once you have the correct crystal then put in front of you or hold it during the meditation session so that you can use it to focus on. Either sit in the lotus position to meditate, sit in a chair, on a pillow or lay down, it is important to be comfortable and relaxed.

I won't go into the meditation process, you can contact me if you want to know and I am happy to share my processes. But once you are relaxed and in the meditative state then focus your attention on the crystal and visualise the energy that flows through it.

Remember your crystal is a part of the earth, as are you and as such you are connected.  This is the Universal life force. You just need to visualise a connection between you and your crystal and repeat your mantra or your purpose.  You may want to open the energy centres and see that energy flow into the specific energy centre you are working on. 

This truly works with practice and you will experience a natural high. You will know if you have achieved it just like I knew when I first achieved it 20 years ago. 

Look after your crystal. Love it and protect it, display it, share it. It is strong and its energy is infinite.

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