The art of layering jewellery

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Layering or stacking jewellery is a perfect opportunity to showcase your signature style, keep it simple or make a statement. Jewellery is part of the outfit and you can add or take away a piece to compliment the style of your outfit.

I like to think of layering delicate pieces of jewellery as being similar to wearing a “natural look” with makeup. You may have taken a long time to select the right pieces to get the look you want to achieve but the end result is a subtle elegance and effortless style that brings out your best feature; your personality!

The only way to personalise jewellery is to make it your own. One of the best ways is by layering, stacking and combining. No one wears jewellery in the same way and by combining and layering pieces it creates a powerful statement of individuality.

The key to success is to have depth of layer. That is having pieces that are different lengths, so they are not hidden behind each other and so creating a graduated effect. The shorter necklace should be the delicate and the chunkier/heavier the longest.

The type of chain can vary for interest as can the colour, however to create a cohesive look, when you combine metal ensure that he colour is the same or follow the 80/20.

There is no rule about how many you can add, as it will depend on how you feel, but 3 is a good place to start

While each woman needs to experiment with how they like to wear their layered pieces, (remember their is no right or wrong) I like personally like to create a look that is most subtle and fine at the top, balanced horizontal and followed by a chain that is long with a catching piece that is somewhat stands out

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